Rick Wakeman Will Now Attend the Rock Hall Induction With Yes

by VVN Music

Even though there has been quite a bit less drama in the run up to this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, it doesn't mean there have been totally smooth waters.

Rick Wakeman has been waffling a bit on whether he would be with Yes when they are inducted on April 7, telling a recent Q&A audience that he would "under no circumstance" attend; however, he appears to have changed his mind.

Wakeman has now said:

I am very pleased to announce that as the Hall of Fame have now agreed to present Chris Squire's wife with a posthumous award acknowledging his massive contribution to YES, I have agreed to attend the Induction ceremony in New York to both stand proudly with my fellow band mates Jon (Anderson) and Trevor (Rabin) and also to watch Chris' wife Scottie collect this well deserved award on his behalf. I also hope that this move to acknowledge members of bands who sadly did not live to receive their own honour, means they can get them posthumously in the future.

This is, obviously, a noble cause; however, we aren't sure where the controversy was. Chris Squire was always on the list of members to be inducted with Yes and, as has happened many times in the past, it was expected that someone would represent Squire on the stage at the ceremony.

Yes was finally chosen for induction in their third nomination with the hall selecting the following members to be included:
  • Jon Anderson (member 1968–1980, 1982–1988, 1990–2004)
  • Bill Bruford (member 1968-1972, 1990–1992)
  • Steve Howe (member 1970–1981, 1990–1992, 1995–2004, 2008–present)
  • Tony Kaye (member 1968–1971, 1982–1983, 1983–1994)
  • Trevor Rabin (member 1982–1994)
  • Chris Squire (member 1968–1981, 1982–2004, 2008–2015)
  • Rick Wakeman (member 1971–1974, 1976–1980, 1990–1992, 1995–1996, 2002–2004)
  • Alan White (1972–1981, 1982–2004, 2008–present)
Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman are currently recording and touring as ARW. See our review of their November show.

Wakeman is also releasing his new album, Piano Portraits, one week from tomorrow (January 13). 

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