Report: Butch Trucks' Cause of Death was Suicide

by VVN Music

Reports have emerged on Thursday afternoon the the Butch Trucks' cause of death was suicide.

The Daily Mail in the U.K. made the first report, saying that they had received police records showing that Trucks had shot himself in front of his wife of 25 years.

A portion of the records were a transcript of a 911 call made at 6:02 PM on Tuesday from a woman described as "hysterical" stating that her husband Claude had shot himself. Claude was Butch's given name.

Among the other revelations from the 911 transcript was that Trucks' wife had witnessed the shooting and that she and an adult son were waiting when police arrived. They also indicate that Butch was breathing but passed away while police tried to take care of him.

The Daily Mail also reported that Trucks has been having financial problems for a number of years including actions by the IRS.

Police have not said more than that they responded to a call from Trucks' home where he was found dead, that no foul play was suspected and that they were still investigating the case.

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Terrace Youth said...

Butch should have watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ so he could be reminded of just who he was. Because he made so many people happy over the years. There’s not a single Allman Brothers fan out there that wouldn’t have send in 20 bucks to help him with his IRS troubles, and without judgment or question… These people, they apparently have no idea just how much they are loved. But I know, because I’ve loved him and the band for my entire life. They gave me so much for the taking. And under the right conditions, that has to add up to an obligation of some kind…..

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