Passings: Allan Williams, Beatles' First Manager (1930 - 2016)

by VVN Music
Photo Courtesy of The Jacaranda's Facebook

Allan Williams, who was the Beatles' first manager, died on Friday, December 30 at the age of 86.

Williams music career actually started as a performer while he was still in his teens, singing with Joe Loss and the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company before before returning to Liverpool to open a coffee shop, The Jacaranda.

It was at that shop that he met Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe, hiring Lennon and Sutcliffe to paint murals. The band eventually started playing at the location and Williams began booking them into other clubs in the area.

He later auditioned Pete Best to take over as drummer and arranged for the band to travel to Liverpool where they would regularly play for the next two years. Williams managed the band until 1961 when a disagreement over royalties split them up. He later became known as, and named his autobiography, The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away.

Williams continued running his Liverpool shop and, in the 1970's, was instrumental in producing the first Beatles' convention. He also discovered the tape of one of the Beatles' Hamburg performances which became the album Live! At the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, 1962.

The Jacaranda, which reopened under new management in the 90's, posted:

Today is one of the saddest days in our history.

The Jacaranda's original owner and the man who discovered The Beatles, Allan Williams, has sadly passed away at the age of 86.

All of our thoughts and wishes go to his family and his wife Beryl.

His legacy has allowed us to remain at the heart of the Liverpool music scene for almost 60 years and his memory will live on through every band that plays our famous stage.

Allan, you will be missed.

The Cavern Club, which still operates in Liverpool, also saluted Williams, saying:
We have just heard the very sad news about the passing of Allan Williams. Sincere condolences to his family at this difficult time.

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