Is Anita Baker Retired?

by VVN Music

For the last three days, Anita Baker has been throwing out Tweets that definitely make it look like she is retiring from music.

Originally reported by BET and Soul Tracks, Baker began on Thursday by addressing unnamed "rumors" about the state of her career. "Lotta rumours out there. No Tour. No CD. #Retired #BeachBum #ThankUJesus" followed by "Jan 26th will celebrate my 59th BDay (lord willing) retirement was 1 of many goals/dreams #SuchaBlessing" and "I still love 2 write & record music... its part of my DNA😊But, im on a different road. #BeachBum".

Late Saturday, she continued to fuel the rumors that she started by posting a photo of her awards case and saying "Oh , no regrets... Music has been/is very good 2 us. God Gifted in every possible way. We just stay "humble" about #2GBTG".

Baker had her first hit in 1983 with Angel which hit number 5 on the R&B chart but it was 1986's Sweet Love that pushed her to the the top of the music world, going to number 8 on the Hot 100 and 2 on the R&B Singles.

Over the next eight years, Baker had ten more top ten R&B singles, two of which crossed over into the pop top twenty, Give You the Best That I Got (1988 / #3 Pop / #1 R&B) and Just Because (1988 / #14 Pop / #1 R&B).

Her last studio album was 2004's My Everything and, even though a new release was scheduled in late-2012, the album was never released after Baker decided it needed more work. With her apparent retirement, it is questionable whether that set will ever surface.

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