David Crosby Has ANOTHER New Album Ready to Go

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

David Crosby only released his fifth solo album, Lighthouse, in October 2016 and has already finished his next album titled Sky Trails.

“Well here it comes ..Skytrails was mastered yesterday,” Crosby announced in a Tweet on Friday.

Crosby is not known as a prolific artist. Before the third album, Croz, in 2014 you have to go back 21 years to its predecessor Thousand Roads in 1993. His first album If I Could Only Remember My Name was released in 1971, then Oh Yes I Can came in 1989.

“I am not sure how I came to make 3 records in two years but we just finished Sky Trails and I am as happy songwriter guy could be,” he said.

Crosby, of the legendary Crosby Stills & Nash and Crosby Stills Nash & Young fame, has not exactly been absent from the studio for the past 50 years. He recorded four albums with Graham Nash between 1972 and 2004 and another eight with CSN and CSNY.

Sky Trails is yet to be given a release date.

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