Carole King Releases Song in Support of Trump Protesters

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Music legend Carole King is the latest artist to post a musical demonstration against U.S. President Donald Trump.

King has re-recorded one of her 30-year old songs, One Small Voice, as a protest to the former reality TV star who now has a room at The White House.

Carole King marched for peace and solidarity with the people of Stanley, Idaho, protesting the second most voted for politician on election day at the recent US elections.

King told The Huffington Post, “I marched in a snowstorm in Stanley, Idaho (pop. 63) with 29 other people comprising half the town. I carried a handmade sign that said ‘One Small Voice’ because I’ve never stopped believing that one small voice plus millions of other small voices is exactly how we change the world.”

The song teaches, “One small voice speaking with the values / we were taught as children.”

Carole King has now shared her new version of One Small Voice.

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