Brian May to Publish Book of 3D Photographs of Queen

by VVN Music

For many years, Brian May has been studying stereoscopy, a photography technique that was originally developed in the 1800's where two photographs are taken, slightly offset from one another, and when viewed through special glasses appear to show a three-dimensional scene.

In 2008, May and Elena Vidal restarted The London Stereoscopic Company which was, in the mid-1800's, the premier maker of stereoscopic cards. Their mission was not only to study the works of the past, as they documented in the 2013 book Diableries, but to also move the technique into the future.

On Wednesday, May announced the company's latest project (via, Queen in 3-D.

Finally ! After 3 years of building, our very first LSC book of 21st century photography is almost ready to be sent off to the printers.

And the photographer is me, and the pictures are of a rock group that began to work on making a vision come true around 1970.

Queen in 3-D ! Off stage, on stage - on tour, off tour - in the studio, in the snow, in the sunshine, in the rain - in the pink and in the blue.

But always in depth ! Stereoscopic memories, and my own personal recollections that go with them.

This should reach a bookstore near you around the end of May. It will have an OWL viewer included of course … in a special secret exclusive new colour !

The gnomes are on it !

Cheers all


More information is expected in the near future. For now, we have a look at the slipcase for the project:

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