Survivor's Frankie Sullivan Pleads For Return of His 1960 Les Paul Guitar

by VVN Music

Frankie Sullivan, lead guitarist for Survivor, has had a prized 1960 Les Paul guitar stolen and is pleading for help for its return.

In a Facebook post on Monday afternoon, Sullivan says that the Tobacco Sunburst Top guitar was last spotted three months ago in Hendersonville, NV and that he has been "chasing it ever since."

Sullivan does not indicate how long ago the guitar was stolen but he is hoping, if word gets out, that there is still a chance for its return.

The statement:

I want my stolen 1960 Les Paul Back!

Wanted -

1960 Les Paul stolen from me. It is a beautiful guitar with all 1959 attributes. Tobacco Sunburst Top, 2 Double Cream PAF's, Great Maple Top - the works. The main Les Paul I played live all through the 80's. You can see me playing it when we filmed the “Survivor, Live From Japan” concert. It surfaced in Henderson Nevada about 3 months ago and I have been chasing it ever since.

I have asked all my friends, players and dealers to help me and keep their eyes open for my guitar. The serial number is 0 0201. I have been told it moved around a bit and may have recently been spotted at a show but it was being held in a way that covered up the identifying markings. There is a distinct marking on all the old Les Paul's and this one has/had the biggest one right under the hand of the guy holding it. Also, it seems somewhere along it’s travels Buddy Guy put his autograph on the top of the guitar just below the back of the bridge.

In 1960 most Les Paul’s are a cherry sunburst rather than tobacco sunburst. The necks are thinner but not on 0 0201. It has the classic 1959 neck and it plays and sounds amazing!

This is an SOS to all of you out there who know or knows of guitars asking to keep an eye out for 0 0201. This number, for those who may not know, is stamped on the back of the headstock. My goal is to get my guitar back before it sails away for good. All and any help is much appreciated.

Reward? You bet! I will tell you all the remainder of the story later on up the road…

0 0201


Frankie Sullivan became a founding member of Survivor in 1978 and has been the only person to have stayed with the group throughout its history, from 1978 to their breakup in 1988 and again from the reforming in 1993 to today.

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