Smithsonian Channel Series to Look at "Rock 'N' Roll Inventions"

by VVN Music

From the media used to deliver the sounds to the instruments and their special effects, there is little doubt that Rock music has been responsible for driving some of the biggest innovations in the world of music.

Beginning January 16, the Smithsonian Channel will examine many of the great inventions in the new series Rock 'N' Roll Innovations.

Participating in the series will be such artists as Moby, Dave Davies, Graham Nash, Martha Reeves, Rick Wakeman, Andy Summers and many more along with experts Annie Nightingale, Paul Gambaccini, Bob Harris and Greg Milnerand.

Episode 1 (September 16), This Damn Music, tracks how the music made it to the ears of the public from the original gramophone through the transistor radio, cassettes,vinyl, CDs, videos and streaming.

Future episodes:
  • Going Electric (January 23) - The story of the electric guitar.
  • Sultans of Sound (January 30) - The recording studios of the world and the producers who make it all happen.
  • Rise of the Keyboards (February 6) - How the simple piano morphed into the mellotron and synthesizers. 
  • Special EFX (February 13) - Changing the sound with echo chambers, delay, reverb, wah-wah pedals and other innovations and how sampling became a part of the mainstream. 
  • Stage to Spectacle (February 20) - The major change from musicians on a stage to light shows, lasers, video screens, dancers and costumes. 

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Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to next week's show.

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