Shania Twain Talks About Her Songwriting Process and Upcoming Album

by Newsdesk

Billboard's 2016 Women in Music 'Icon' Shania Twain opens up about new music, fame after 50, and more.

On her new album:

"I do most of my writing in the bathroom,” Twain says with a laugh. “Or in the basement. Or on the beach.” She wrote much of the new album at her house in the Bahamas, though one song was written in a hotel closet. “It’s a strange thing, but I do need that isolation. I need to feel alone and intimate with my thoughts.”

She describes the finished product as “kind of schizophrenic musically,” but maintains she’s “the glue.” Don’t expect a wronged-woman credo like BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade. “I talk a lot more about pain,” she says, “but I didn’t feel the need to be that literal about anger or hate. It’s very triumphant in the end. I felt like, ‘Whew! I made it through the album! I made it through writing all the songs!’ It was an emotional roller coaster, and the lyrics reflect that.”

On getting back to songwriting:

“I’m very satisfied being a creative person,” she says. “I need that more than I need to be a performer. Songwriting, for me, is kind of like cooking; everyone has to cook sometimes. Why not write songs?”

On writing about her struggles:

“It has been a real tug-of-war, trying to come to terms with very extreme emotions and explain it to people in the format of a song,”

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