Run-D.M.C. Suing Wal-Mart and Amazon For Unauthorized Sales of Their Logo

by VVN Music

Run-D.M.C. has one of the most recognized logos in music history and they want to make sure that they keep that logo licensed and bringing in the money.

Original member Darryl McDaniels is suing Wal-Mart and Target for $50 million in damages over their unauthorized (read unlicensed) use of the logo on clothing, glasses, wallets and other items.

The Run-D.M.C. logo has been trademarked since 2007 and is officially licensed to such manufacturers as Adidas for use on their sneakers.

Named in the lawsuit are Wal-Mart, Amazon, and a number of companies that sell products through the Amazon marketplace.

According to the suit, the unauthorized use of the logo confuses consumers into thinking that the group endorses the product and that the use will cause the "Plaintiff will suffer immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage".

As of this writing, all three major retailers are continuing to sell clothing and glasses utilizing the logo.


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