Record Company Not Happy With Their Artist Sharing a Bill With Kid Rock

by VVN Music

Sumerian Records, the home of such modern rock acts as Asking Alexandria, Periphery, The Faceless and After the Burial, have issued a strong statement about their displeasure that one of their acts, Bad Omens, is sharing a bill with Kid Rock.

Last week, Kid Rock released a number of clothing items that promoted Donald Trump and called into question those that were not on the Trump bandwagon, most of which were definitely NSFW.

It seems that Bad Omens are just one of the acts that will be appearing at the Northern Invasion Festival in Somerset, WI on May 13 and 14 where they will share the stage with Kid Rock, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Godsmack, Bush, Amon Amarth, Opeth, In Flames and many others.

In an Instagram posting, the label stated:

while we are excited to have @badomensofficial on @northerninvasion we would like to remind you that @kidrock is currently selling and promoting this tshirt. This is the epitome of closed-minded bullshit that is the opposite of rock & roll and everything our music stands against. Diversity is the beauty of life. This post is not about who you voted for. It's about accepting each other knowing there will be different opinions rather than generalizing and bashing millons of fellow Americans. We love California and we love Texas too. This type of hate should not be tolerated in our community. He should be playing shows with Ted Nugent, not Soundgarden and Opeth.

Kid Rock is one of the few artists, along with Ted Nugent, whose politics have skewed to the conservative side.

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