Queen Latifah Victim of Car Theft in Atlanta

by VVN Music

Queen Latifah was the victim of a car theft in Atlanta in a new, brazen, method being used by thieves.

While the singer was not with the car at the time of the theft, her security guard had taken her Mercedes S63 to a local gas station and, while he was pumping gas, the thief jumped in the car, started the engine and sped away.

The method is being used more and more by criminals in that area. The security guard was not injured and the car was found a few hours later by police in a local apartment parking lot. There was minor damage to the vehicle and lemonade and fruit punch bottles were thrown around the inside.

According to TMZ, Latifah was most worried about a Tumi bag that was in the trunk and contained an important contract. When recovered, the bag had been rifled but the contract was intact.

The thieves remain at large although the police are looking at security tapes.

Born Dana Owens, Queen Latifah is a multi-threat in music, film and television. Although she started her career with a number of rap singles, she eventually branched out into more mainstream rhythm and blues and jazz. Her biggest hit was 1994's Unity which peaked at number 2 on the Rap Singles, 7 on the R&B Singles and 23 on the Hot 100.

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