Live Officially Reunites With Ed Kowalczyk

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Live has officially announced that the original band is back together to tour the world in 2017 and release new music.

“We are writing and recording at the moment,” says singer Ed Kowalczyk. “We have mutually decided not to rush the next project. We didn’t want the pressure of completing an entire album hanging over us before we got out and played some shows. I think the idea at the moment is to just go with flow, get onstage together and see where all of this new energy takes us creatively. We might release something new in the form of a shorter release in 2017, in anticipation of larger project in 2018…stay tuned.”

Ed Kowalczyk, Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey formed Live in York, Pennsylvania in 1989. The band broke up after Kowalczyk left in 2009 then reformed in 2012 with new singer Chris Shinn. Shinn is no longer with the band.

Live had been teasing fans about the reunion at their website.

“After a pretty long break, it was exciting to find that we all felt, in a sense, like we were starting over again…albeit with this amazing foundation and fanbase all over the world that we have established. You could say we took the long road home, but it feels good to be back,” Ed said.

“Ed, Chad, Patrick and I are no different than your average family, says Chad Taylor. “We might divide ourselves or argue fiercely but thankfully time, and the grand gesture of forgiveness, helps to heal old wounds. We’ve worked hard to restore the tenants of faith and trust that bonded us in the beginning. It’s doesn’t hurt that our fans offered so much encouragement!”

“Līve needs no better reason to reform than to spread some light in this time of confusion and unease,” added Patrick Dahleimer.”

“One word, friendship. We lost our way with that a bit but are now back to being friends and respect each other again. That’s what counts,” said Chad Gracey.

Dates for the world tour are yet to be announced.

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