Kid Rock Releases New Line of Pro-Trump Merchandise & It is Definitely NSFW

by VVN Music

The music business is, overwhelmingly, liberal, but there are a few artists that are vocally conservative including Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Rock, who has had clothing merchandise in his store that would already be considered NSFW, has added a number of items that are in support of president-elect Donald Trump and they follow right along with previous merchandise.
  • A t-shirt that has a picture of the electoral college map that labels the red states as the "United States of America" and the blues states as "Dumbfuckistan".
  • A t-shirt that reads "God, Guns and Trump"
  • A t-shirt with a picture of Donald Trump and his name with the "D" missing followed by "The "D" is Missing Because It's In Every Hater's Mouth"
  • A hat that says "Make America Badass Again"
According to the website, "Due to Popular Demand, We Decided to Go Ahead and Actually Make These". 

Reaction to the merchandise on social media has been less than positive. While some comments were scathing, others took a more even, mature position (“Even if I was a Trump supporter, which I’m not, I wouldn’t wear that. It causes too much division. America need to heal not divide.”).

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