Dispute Over The Dramatics is Finally Settled

by VVN Music

The parties involved in a dispute over the use of the name The Dramatics has come to an agreement.

After member Ron Banks died in March 2010, a long festering dispute started that resulted in the separation of L.J. Reynolds from the group two years later. At that time, we received information that Reynolds had been let go from the group and that "the estate of Ron Banks" had taken over day-to-day operations with Willie Ford taking over lead singer duties.

Three years later in April 2016, L.J. Reynolds contacted us to say that the information originally released was not true and that Sandra Banks, the widow of Ron Banks, had no legal claim to the group name. In fact, in late 2012 a "stand still" order had been issued in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan that allowed both L.J. Reynolds and Willie Ford and Harley Brown to continue to use the Dramatics name without interference.

We invited Reynolds onto the VVN Music Podcast where he told his side of the story:

Soul Tracks is now reporting that Reynolds and Banks have come to a mutual agreement that Reynolds will pay the Banks estate a fee for each concert performed under The Dramatics' name. The reason for the agreement was to "keep Banks’ legacy alive and to contribute to the welfare of his wife and children" and " to do what’s best for the legacy and the brand of the group."

The Dramatics had their first major hit in 1971 with What You See is Whatcha Get (1971 / #9 Pop / #3 R&B) and followed with the likes of In the Rain (1972 / #5 Pop / #1 R&B), Be My Girl (1976 / #53 Pop / #3 R&B) and Shake It Well (1977 / #76 Pop / #4 R&B). Reynolds joined the group in the early 70's.

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I know thats right, there is ONLY one L.J. Reynolds!

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