Bret Michaels Fans Can Now Spice Up Their Keyboard With a New Emoji Package

by VVN Music

Emojis, those little graphics that are sprinkled throughout social media posts, are the current rage in the on-line world and stars and companies are starting to capitalize on the trend with their own emoji packages.

First out of the gate in the rock world is a new package from Poison singer and reality TV star Bret Michaels, a new app that contains both emojis and some of Bret's most famous lyrics, statements and phrases.

Allan Zhang and Sam Mendelson are the founders of Echelon Creative, Inc. which developed the new package. The recently stated that Michaels was "An Iconic rockstar with one of the most recognizable faces, personality and Images. Knowing Bret for his artistic creativity, it was truly exciting to discover firsthand his knack for marketing and overall business acumen. Bret is full of groundbreaking ideas that guarantee to make this app even better than we anticipated. Michaels displays passion, purpose, and inspiration far exceeding our expectations. We have always aspired to be 'drealists' (part dreamer part realist, a phrase coined by Bret himself), working with Bret has now made that a reality."

The first release of the Bret Michaels Emoji package is set for Wednesday (December 21) including special holiday and sports emojis.  The package will be updated with more items throughout 2017.

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