Bobby Blotzer's RATT Forced To Cancel Show Over Name Dispute

by VVN Music

Bobby Blotzer's RATT, the version of he band that Blotzer formed after leaving the original group, was forced to cancel a show in Michigan last night when the venue received a cease-and-desist letter because of the use of the RATT name.

The band was scheduled to play the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI; however, the venue felt that they could not allow the group to go on with the ongoing disputes. They wrote:

Unfortunately Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort was just recently notified of a trademark dispute involving the band RATT. Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort was issued a “cease and desist” letter from the parties claiming rights to the RATT trademark. After careful review, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort has concluded that it cannot proceed with the performance of Mr. Blotzer due to the current legal dispute over the RATT band trademark.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers.

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort looks forward to booking RATT on a later date if and when the dispute regarding the trademark is resolved.

The dispute over the RATT name has been ongoing since Blotzer formed Bobby Blotzer's RATT Experience in June of 2015. Early on, Blotzer claimed ownership of the RATT name and, even though others attempted to dispute the claim, Blotzer prevailed in court. Throughout 2016, he toured under the RATT name but, after announcing in early November that he was recording a new album on which he would use the Ratt name, three other former member, Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier and Warren DeMartini, went to court claiming that they had actually fired Blotzer from the original Ratt and would be touring under that name.

A judge agreed with the trio which, effectively, blocked Blotzer from using the RATT name any further. It was that decision that led to Thursday's cease-and-desist even though, without an official judgement, Blotzer's attorney still claims that both groups have the right to the name.

Blotzer addressed the situation in a Facebook post:

Unfortunately RATT will not be performing tonight's Sold Out show at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Soaring Eagle Casino dictated it would not allow RATT to perform unless Soaring Eagle Casino was allowed to take control over the performance and presentation of RATT's show for its fans. This was a violation of the contract signed by Soaring Eagle Casino.

Because of RATT's artistic integrity and demand to bring the fans the best show possible, RATT could not allow Soaring Eagle Casino to control the presentation of RATT's performance.

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