The Long Nightmare is Almost Over - Here's Two More Nightmare Number 1 Records

by VVN Music

With the election of a new president just a few days away, we thought we would take everyone's mind off the two bad candidates with some of the worst music to ever top the Billboard Singles chart. 

Love, sex and marriage are some of the most used themes in popular music but, every once in awhile, those songs move from romantic to just plain creepy.

"Ooh, baby. I love you so much and I love how you show me your love by your caring, your words and, oh, yeah, your BEARING MY SPAWN. By the way, that's MY baby you're having."

That's basically the message of Paul Anka's 1974 number 1 You're Having My Baby, a song that is not unfamiliar with being called bad.  In 2006, a CNN poll named it the worst song ever recorded.

The record was a major comeback for Anka who had last topped the charts in 1959 with Lonely Boy and hadn't been to the top ten since 1961's Dance On Little Girl. Baby was recorded with female vocalist Odia Coates who drove the perceived misogyny of the lyrics home even more in her section of the song by confirming "I'm having YOUR baby".

The two would have another hit with the follow up, One Man Woman/One Woman Man (1974 / #7) and Anka would follow with two more top ten hits, I Don't Like to Sleep Alone (1975 / #8) and Times of Your Life (1975 / #7).

Then, six years later in 1980, we got to learn just a little too much about the sex life of married couple Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon.

The couple had originally broken out as The Captain and Tennille in 1975 with their first number 1, Love Will Keep Us Together. They followed with five more top ten hits including two more slightly cringe inducing songs, The Way I Want to Touch You and Muskrat Love.

But it was their final hit and second number 1, 1980's Do That To Me One More Time that pegged the TMI meter. The record was at the top for a week followed by four weeks at number 2 behind Michael Jackson's Rock With You.

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lsw6017 said...

compared to the heap of trash out now Captain and Tennille were great!!
Clean out the wax in your ears asshole...sincerely..Russ from Chicago

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