Set List: Crowded House @ Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Exactly 20 years after Crowded House farewelled the world from the steps of the Sydney Opera House, the band returned to mark their anniversary and celebrate their Hall of Fame induction.

Crowded House was always an Australian band but over years as morphed into the trans-Pacific line-up of today.

The original trio of Neil Finn, Paul Hester and Nick Seymour formed in Melbourne in 1985. The band was original known as The Mullanes after Neil Finn’s middle name.

The first album, Crowded House, was released in 1986. It became a million seller in the USA.

Crowded House 2016 is founders Neil Finn and Nick Seymour with Mark Hart (formerly of Supertramp) who joined in 1993 and Matt Sherrod (formerly Beck’s drummer) who joined in 2007.

Original drummer Paul Hester took his own life in 2005. The band performed and dedicated the Paul-penned Italian Plastic to Hester.

Neil’s brother, Tim Finn, also reunited with the band at the Sydney Opera House. Tim, formerly of Split Enz, was a member of Crowded House for the third album, Woodface. He treated the fans to four tracks from Woodface.

Crowded House set list, November 24, 2016

Main Set
  • Mean to Me (from Crowded House, 1986)
  • Something So Strong (from Crowded House, 1986)
  • Don’t Stop Now (from Time On Earth, 2007)
  • Fall at Your Feet (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Pineapple Head (from Together Alone, 1993)
  • Italian Plastic (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Whispers and Moans (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Either Side of the World (from Intriguer, 2010)
  • Fingers of Love (from Together Alone, 1993)
  • Private Universe (from Together Alone, 1993)
  • Hole in the River (from Crowded House, 1986)
  • World Where You Live (from Crowded House, 1986)
  • It’s Only Natural (with Tim Finn) (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Four Seasons in One Day (with Tim Finn) (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Chocolate Cake (with Tim Finn) (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Don’t Dream It’s Over (from Crowded House, 1986)
  • Distant Sun (from Together Alone, 1993)
  • Locked Out (from Together Alone, 1993)
  • Weather With You (with Tim Finn) (from Woodface, 1991)
  • Sister Madly (from Temple of Low Men, 1988)
  • In My Command (from Together Alone, 1993)
  • Better Be Home Soon (from Temple of Low Men, 1988)

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