Ronnie Wood Talks "Accidental" Stones Album That Sounds Like They Did in the Early 60's

by Newsdesk

Rock legend Ronnie Wood attended the Q Awards where he spoke to Q magazine about the upcoming Rolling Stones album, presenting the Les Paul Award to The Edge and his plans for Christmas.

Before speaking to Q, he had presented the Les Paul Award to The Edge. He admitted that The Edge is one of the only people he considers worth getting out of bed for and was honored to present him with the award.

Ronnie revealed the upcoming Stones album Blue & Lonesome happened spontaneously and was a complete accident. Recorded in just two days, he assured Q that the album sounds just like early Stones when they used to cover blues in the 60s.

Finally, despite his Rock’n’Roll past Ronnie likes the homely life these days and expressed his excitement for Christmas when he can dress his twin daughters in matching pudding outfits.

Ronnie on dressing up the twins… "I’m gonna dress up the little twins as Christmas puddings, and they are gonna look fantastic. I love it."

Ronnie on presenting award to The Edge… "I was honored to get the call to come and present him. I would get out of bed to present him, so I did."

Ronnie on the new album… "It was just like the Stones in the early days when you used to hear them do I’m A King Bee and Walking The Dog. It was a complete accident that it happened. It was just on the spur of the moment, very spontaneous. We suddenly had an album in two days which it’s a real kick up the pants for you, it’s great."

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