Meat Loaf on Why He Hates "I Would Do Anything For Love"; His Admiration For Bruno Mars & Miley Cyrus

by Newsdesk

Rock legend, Meat Loaf, joined BUILD in London, alongside actor Andrew Polec, to celebrate the launch of the new musical Bat Out of Hell.

Meat Loaf on why he hates I Would Do Anything For Love:
I just I hate having to go perform it. Because it was such a big hit, the audience expects perfection. And in a live situation there is never perfection.

I’m always upset at the end of the night because I’m thinking ‘I screwed [it] up again, damn it!’

Meat Loaf reveals the one and only time he argued with Jim Steinman and turned over a piano:
The closest we’ve ever had to an argument was [when] once I was singing this song crying Out Loud.

Somebody before me had sung this song somewhere and [Jim] mentions that person’s name. I said to him: ‘Don’t ever tell me how to sing a song’ and I turned the piano over. We put the piano back together with chewing gum.

Meat Loaf explains why Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus are his favourite current artists:
Bruno Mars slays me. He is the closest thing to Sinatra that I’ve seen in years. When he sings he means every word of it, he is possessed by the song.

Another singer who I’ve just discovered and who everyone makes fun of but who is a brilliant singer is Miley Cyrus. And you can think what you will of [her] but when she sings a song, she’s telling you the truth.

Andrew Polec, star of Bat Out of Hell, on his accident and song that got him into rock and roll:
My dad played me Paradise by the dashboard when I was a young teen and that’s the song that got me into the rock and roll genre.

I was a huge sports kid when I was in school. I wanted to go to college on some kind of lacrosse scholarship and probably become a doctor. I got into a bad bicycle accident that put me in the brain trauma unit for a week. When I got out of there they said I can’t play contact sports anymore and I had no idea what to do.

My dad played me that song and it revolutionised my whole idea of the ways to get your energy out there and change the world and still feel that adrenaline rush when you’re running on a field.

To celebrate the Box Office opening to the general public, there was a special live performance by the cast on Thursday, November 3 outside the London Coliseum in St Martin’s Lane. was there to see the Harleys, the songs and interview the stars.

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