Leonard Cohen Died Monday, Was Laid to Rest on Thursday

by VVN Music

It was just Thursday night that the world learned of the passing of the great Leonard Cohen but, in the time since that announcement, it has come out that he died earlier in the week and had already been laid to rest when the announcement was made.

According to a spokesman from Sony who spoke with Billboard, Cohen actually died last Monday (November 7) and, according to a statement released by his congregation, Shaar Hashomayim, he was buried on Thursday (November 10).
“Magnified, sanctified be Thy holy name.”

These are the words of Kaddish, the Jewish prayer of memory, that were recited at Eliezer/Leonard Cohen’s graveside on Thursday, November 10. Leonard’s wish was to be laid to rest in a traditional Jewish rite beside his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Leonard was a beloved and revered member of Shaar Hashomayim and he maintained a lifelong spiritual, musical, and familial connection to the synagogue of his youth. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. May his memory be a blessing to all.

So far, a cause of death has not been announced although Cohen had said last month in a magazine interview that he was "ready to die". He later retracted the statement but it may have been his way of telling the world that he was ill.

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