It Looks Like Ed Kowalczyk is Returning to Live

by VVN Music

While there has not been an official announcement, all signs point towards lead vocalist Ed Kowalczyk returning to the band Live.

Live started as First Aid in the early 80's with Kowalczyk joining in 1984. After many false starts and name changes, they finally released their first album, The Death of a Dictionary, in 1989 while still going under the name Public Affection.

After another EP, they changed their name to Live to release Four Songs (1991) followed by Mental Jewelry (1991) but it was the 1994 album Throwing Copper that gave them their first number of two number 1 albums and their first major hits with I Alone, Lightning Crashes and All Over You.

In 2009, after eight studio albums, Live announced a two year hiatus for solo projects but, six months later, it was said that it was more likely a permanent split; however, two years later, the other three members of the group announced they were reforming with Chris Shinn on vocals.

The first sign of Kowalczyk's return came in October when Kowalczyk and Chad Taylor were interviewed on WVYC radio. Then, yesterday, the Live Facebook page was revived with a logo and a picture of the band from their early days with no explanation on either post.

At the same time, Kowalczyk updated his Facebook page with the same picture of the young group and a new picture of himself with the Live logo in the corner.

Whether this is for a new album, tour or both is unknown. We will have to wait for the official announcement which will, hopefully, be made in the coming days.

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