David Essex Retiring From Touring After Playing Final Show Tonight

by VVN Music

British singer David Essex will perform his final solo tour show tonight at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, England; however, it is not the end of his career.

Essex reassured fans that, while his touring days are over, he is not retiring from the music business.

The I'll Be Missing You Tour started on November 2 with Essex playing 21 shows in a 25 day period.

Essex, 69, has been performing since the mid-60's but it wasn't until 1973 that he broke big, starring in the West End production Godspell and scoring his biggest international hit, Rock On (1973 / #5 U.S. / #3 U.K.).

While he never had another hit in the U.S., he went on to hit the British top ten a total of ten times including the number 1's Gonna Make You a Star (1974) and Hold Me Close (1975). His last major hit was Tahiti (1983 / #8 U.K.).

While there is no guarantee that the following will be the set list for tonight's show, it has been the one used throughout the current tour:

Main Set
  • Beautiful Day (from Beautiful Day, 2006)
  • If I Could (from All the Fun of the Fair, 1975)
  • Lamplight (from Rock On, 1973)
  • All the Fun of the Fair (from All the Fun of the Fair, 1975)
  • Hold Me Close (from All the Fun of the Fair, 1975)
  • Me and My Girl (Night-Clubbing) (from Stage-Struck, 1982)
  • Oh What a Circus (from Imperial Wizard, 1979)
  • A Winter's Tale (from The Whisper, 1983)
  • Dangerous (from Reflections, 2013)
  • Stardust (from David Essex, 1974)
  • Picture This Sky (from Reflections, 2013)
  • On and On (from Rock On, 1973)
  • Rock On (from Rock On, 1973)
  • Imperial Wizard (from Imperial Wizard, 1979)
  • Ships That Pass In The Night (from Imperial Wizard, 1979)
  • Gonna Make You a Star (from David Essex, 1974)
  • Silver Dream Machine (from Silver Dream Racer soundtrack, 1980)
  • Here We Are All Together (from Here We Are All Together, 1998)
  • It's Gonna Be Alright (from Reflections, 2013)
  • I'll Be Missing You

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