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Dave Davies Says (Again) That There is No Kinks Reunion For 2017

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

The Kinks co-founder Dave Davies has dismissed the story that is doing the rounds this weekend that The Kinks will reform for Glastonbury.

The Sun in the UK, in its usual unconfirmed form, has blabbed that the reunion is on for 2017. The UK rag came to that conclusion after Ray Davies told them “Dave and I will definitely work together again. And we want to play live.”

The tabloid claims Ray also added, “Maybe The Kinks could play Glastonbury?”

Dave Davies was quick to hose the story down.
ME AND RAY have not spoken about Kinks showS at all- although weRE TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER ON OTHER STUFF and have worked on music together . In the meantime we both have albums finished. My album Open Road I did with my son Russ comes out in 2017.

The Kinks last album was 1994’s To The Bone, a collection of their greatest hits re-recorded live and acoustic.

The last studio album was Phobia in 1993.

The last time The Kinks played live was June 15, 1996 in Norway.

Their setlist was:
  • Till the End of the Day
  • The Hard Way
  • Where Have All the Good Times Gone / Tired of Waiting for You
  • Dead End Street
  • Set Me Free
  • Death of a Clown (Dave Davies song)
  • Low Budget
  • I’m Not Like Everybody Else
  • Come Dancing
  • Alcohol
  • Living on a Thin Line
  • Apeman
  • Celluloid Heroes
  • Skin and Bone
  • Lola
  • Victoria
  • You Really Got Me


Anonymous said…
Thank God Dave has sense . A reunion would be a terrible terrible let down if not a downright disaster .