Curved Air Releases Second Set of Rarities

by VVN Music

Legendary British progressive rockers Curved Air have released a second album of rarities.

Their first rarities set, Curved Air Rarities Series Vol 1: Tapestry of Propositions, was released earlier this year and including an hour-plus version of the track Propositions with over a dozen improvisations cut together to form on extended piece.

Volume 2, Curved Space & Infinity, includes a rare album and a set of all new recordings in a two-CD set.

As both albums are strictly instrumental, this is the only album ever released by Curved Air that does not include lead vocalist Sonja Kristina; however, the album has her full support and blessing.

The first disc, Curved Space, was previously released as Francis Monkman's Jam but now features two previously unreleased bonus tracks. The band includes Francis Monkman (guitar), Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums) and Rob Martin (bass).

Monkman commented "I'm pleased that the Jam CD has been transmuted into a Curved Space release. An entirely collaborative effort, I was never keen for it to be released in the guise of a solo album, but there seemed to be no viable alternative at the time. Listening to it now, it seems to me to sound as fresh as ever - indeed it was an ideal for some bands in the 1960's to come as close as possible to jamming all the time, precisely because the process of raw discovery holds elements that simply cannot be reproduced when material has been subjected to rehearsal (usually after dissection into some kind of song format)."

Disc two includes Infinity, an all new 2016 studio recording with Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums), Kirby Gregory (guitar) and Robert Norton (keys).

Norton said of Infinity "At times we found it hard to believe these compositions were created entirely in the moment and were genuinely surprised and inspired by what emerged from them. The name Infinity encapsulates the spirit of freedom with which the three of us approached the making of this album and the limitless possibilities of creating music in the moment."

Curved Space & Infinity was released earlier in November.

The track list:

Disc 1 (Curved Space)
  • Towards Tomorrow
  • Sea of Tranquillity
  • Baghdad Caf㉠/ Return to Calvary / Towards Infinity
  • Sol y Sombra
  • Harp Riff
  • Free Tibet
  • Blue Yonder Blues
  • Playinâ™ Away
  • Rose
Disc 2 (Infinity)
  • Elevation
  • Labyrinth
  • Expansions
  • Aphelion
  • Megalith
  • Celestial Dance

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