Country Music Association Folds to Rednecks, Removes All References to Beyonce and Dixie Chicks at Awards

by VVN Music

Country Music Association has been reaping the benefits of a constantly widening audience for country music over the last decade, but they certainly still seem to be afraid of losing their southern conservative fans.

On Wednesday night, one of the highlights of the 50th CMA Awards was the performance of the song Daddy Lessons by Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks. The song, from Beyonce's Lemonade album, has been a standard part of the Chicks set in recent months.

However, if you look at the CMA site or any of their social media, you wouldn't think the performance ever happened. Sometime on Thursday, the organization removed all references to the performance in reaction to comments they received, many racist, over Beyonce's appearance on the show (and they probably weren't thrilled with the Dixie Chicks based on a 10+ year old grudge). They even removed both artists from the list of scheduled performers (after they performed!) on their website.

TMZ was able to get a comment from the CMA on the situation.
Sources directly connected with the CMAs tell TMZ, the honchos folded to fans who posted racist and other harsh comments. We're told the honchos were especially concerned about the reaction to Beyonce's support and the support of the Dixie Chicks for the Black Lives Matter movement.
The comments that seem to have forced the situation appeared across social media and, at times, breached the boundaries of racism and taste.
Why oh why? Beyonce??? Dixie chicks???? Ruined a great show. Whoever made that decision should be fired. Horrible and a slap in the face to great country music artist.

Who's stupid idea was it in the first place to have the racist cop hater and the ignorant Dixie Chicks on in the first place. I'm highly disappointed in the producers  they ruined an otherwise great show.

Beyonce overrated racist n***er bitch.

@Beyonce the cop hater? No thanks

That's right folks. Beyonce performed at the CMAs last night & is on a mission to take country music away from us, hardworking white people!
Since the time this story first broke, Beyonce has posted pictures of her performance to "prove that it happened" and the Dixie Chicks have posted their support for Beyonce and pictures from backstage along with a Tweet pointing to a Soundcloud recording of the performance and the message "If we all turn this up really loud, together we can drown out the hate."

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