Buenos Aires Bans Bands That Are Primarily Electric; Kraftwerk Forced To Cancel Date

by VVN Music

Talk about missing the true cause.

Earlier this year, the city of Buenos Aires banned all electronic music festivals after five people died and five more were hospitalized from drug overdoses at the Time Warp Festival. While they planned on going back and refining the ordinance, that has not been done to date, so he rule still applies.

Jump ahead to today and one of the pioneers of electronic music has been forced to cancel their November 23 tour appearance in the city because they "use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instruments".

Of course, a two hour concert in a secure, ticketed indoor facility has little in common with a multi-act outdoor summer festival, but that has made no difference to city lawmakers. An official told the local newspaper Carlin, "After Time Warp, Judge Lisandro Fastman's court ruling prohibited all electronic music festivals. Because of that, and despite the fact that they presented their paperwork with the required 30 days notice, we cannot authorize the permit."

The promoter, Move Concerts, has appealed the ruling. They are also considering moving the concert outside of the city.

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