Another Terrible Song For a Terrible Week in Politics From Chuck Berry

by VVN Music

With the election of a new president just a few days away, we thought we would take everyone's mind off the two bad candidates with some of the worst music to ever top the Billboard Singles chart. 

Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell), Rock and Roll Music, Sweet Little Sixteen, Johnny B. Goode, Back in the U.S.A., No Particular Place to Go ... It's one of the great catalogs of hits from the Rock Era. Chuck Berry surely deserves to be honored for his groundbreaking contributions to the development of the rock sound, but none of those records ever topped the charts. Sweet Little Sixteen came closest, peaking at number 2 and School Day went to 3 but it wouldn't be until 1972 that Chuck Berry would score his only number 1 record.

...and it was a juvenile novelty record full of innuendo and with none of his signature driving guitar.

My Ding-a-Ling was actually written by Dave Bartholomew, frequent collaborator over the years with Fats Domino among other artists. Bartholomew recorded the song originally in January 1952 and had it covered by other artists under various names, but it didn't become popular until twenty years later when Berry included it on his live album The Chuck Berry Sessions.

Berry changed quite a bit about the song including the arrangement and verses, for a time taking credit for writing the song.

Boston radio station WMEX DJ Jim Connors was the first to start playing the song and is credited for driving its popularity in the U.S. where it went to number 1 on October 21, 1972 and stayed there for two weeks.

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