5 More Bad Days Until the Elections ... Here's Another Terrible Record That Reached Number 1

by VVN Music

With the election of a new president just a few days away, we thought we would take everyone's mind off the two bad candidates with some of the worst music to ever top the Billboard Singles chart. 

As long as there have been many comments made over the course of this year's political campaigns that could be considered politically incorrect, we've decided to name an equally non-PC single as one of our worst records to ever make number 1.

It is no longer really politically correct to present Native Americans as "Indians" or use many of the stereotypical items previously associated with the race from older western movies and TV series.

Based on this, there are two former number 1's that would fall into the non-PC category. The first, Running Bear by Johnny Preston is filled with "uga-chuggas" and war whoops but, the fact is, the record is still getting occasional airplay on U.S. radio and seems to still be somewhat accepted.

The other, Mr. Custer by Larry Verne, rarely gets played but, more than it not being politically correct, it's just a bad novelty record that somehow made it to number 1.

Verne recorded and released Mr. Custer in 1960 where it topped the Hot 100 and even reached number 9 on the R&B singles.

Larry wasn't long for the music world. He quit not long after the song became a hit and, for the next 35 years, was a set builder in Hollywood.

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