Vince Neil Avoids Jail in Assault on Fan

by VVN Music

Vince Neil has pled guilty to misdemeanor battery in a case where he attacked an autograph seeker.

Neil, Nicholas Cage and comedian Carrot Top were leaving the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on April 7 when Kelly Guerrero and her 14-year-old son approached Cage, who was the boy's favorite actor.

Cage had just had Neil in a headlock and, as the pair approached, began walking away. According to the reports and the text of a lawsuit against Neil, without provocation, Vince grabbed Guerrero by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her to the pavement on her back. When he realized what was going on, Cage once again put Neil in a headlock and told him to "stop this s**t now."

New information on the incident has come out of the recently filed lawsuit, including the fact that, after pulling Guerrero to the ground and Cage separating them, Vince attacked another woman who ran from the hotel. The suit also states that Neil was "severely intoxicated and/or under the influence of powerful drug(s)".

In pleading guilty, Neil avoided a jail sentence; however, he is being fined $1,000, will receive six months of informal probation and will have to have impulse control counseling. The lawsuit brought by the victim is also still pending.

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