Scott Ian of Anthrax Has Gone From Spotify Hater to Spotify Lover

by VVN Music

It's amazing how much someone's views can change in a year.

In 2015, Scott Ian of Anthrax had nothing good to say about streaming services like Spotify. While guesting on The Jesta Show in September 2015, he said:
Even if we had the best deal in the world we still wouldn’t be seeing any money fromSpotify. So that’s why when I hear musicians use Spotify I’m like really? You’re supporting a company that’s ripping you off. ‘Yeah but it’s so easy to just have your music.’ I’m like ‘it’s really easy to have my music without Spotify.’ I just never got that. You know this company is fucking you, yet you’re still OK with using it, that’s weird to me.

I get it, it’s how a lot of the people on the planet get their music now. And I’m not against that, I wouldn’t say don’t put our records on there because I understand it now. It’s like yeah, great, you’re listening, that’s how you’re getting out our music and then maybe you’re gonna go buy a ticket next time we come through.

I get that, I totally get it. On the other side of that, I’m still the guy who… I came from the era where you could actually have a platinum album. How many records have been platinum in America last year? [Jasta proceeds to mention Taylor Swift] That’s a fucking joke, so take your streaming and shove it up your ass is how I truly feel about it.
Now, thirteen months later, he is singing a totally different tune. Ian recently spoke to the Alternative Press, telling them:
I don't care how people get their music ... I don't care ... as long as they're not stealing it. So, really, it doesn't matter to me if you're listening to vinyl or you're streaming; I don't care. I'm not one of these people anymore that is against technology or the future. I was [against it] until I found out how our deal actually worked with things like Spotify. I was actually criticizing out of ignorance about two years ago. And then I learned how things were working specifically for us. I don't know how it works for every band, but I got educated and I embraced Spotify big time after that.

I look at it this way: as long as a band is getting paid for what they do, I don't care how people get their music; it doesn't matter to me… however you enjoy it. At home now, I'm pretty much… We have music on… If we're awake, there's music on in the house, and it's generally Spotify through out Sonos system, so you've got music in every room, and it's Spotify, so you can hear whatever you want at any given time, because it has everything. It's the greatest. [Laughs] Oh my God! It's the best thing ever.
Anthrax have released eleven albums since their 1984 debut with the latest, For All Kings (2016 / #9), being the second highest charting of their career.

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