Passings: Jimmy Williams of Double Exposure and The Trammps

by VVN Music

Jimmy Williams, who sang with the groups Double Exposure and the Trammps, died on Monday morning after battling aggressive cancer.

Williams, along with Leonard Davis, Chuck Whittington and Joe Harris, was part of the group known as United Image which formed in 1961 and worked around the live music industry until they were signed in 1971 to Stax Records, releasing one unsuccessful single. After another single on Branding Iron Records in 1972, they changed their name to Double Exposure, signing with Salsoul Records in 1975.

Their first album, Ten Percent, was released in 1976 and included three dance hits, the title track (1976 / #54 Pop / #63 R&B / #2 Dance), My Love is Free (1976 / #104 Pop / #44 R&B / #15 Dance) and Everyman (Has to Carry His Own Weight) (1976 / #84 R&B / #8 Dance).

They followed with two more albums, 1978's Fourplay and 1979's Locker Room but neither produced tracks that fared as well on the charts.

After Double Exposure broke up, Williams became the lead singer of the Trammps after Jimmy Ellis left the group. He stayed with the group and, later, Stanley Wade's version of the Trammps up until he became ill.

In 2010, the original members of Double Exposure reunited and released a new single two years later. Williams did double duty in both bands.

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