Omnivore to Release Compilation of Tim Buckley's Singles

by VVN Music

While contemporary audiences are more familiar with his son, the late Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley was as influential musician, if not more so, as his own famous son.

In another career that was tragically cut short, in this case due to a heroin overdose at the age of 28, Buckley still managed to release nine studio albums between 1966 and 1974.

On November 18, Omnivore Records will release Wings: The Complete Singles 1966-1974, a compilation of Buckley's ten singles including both the A and B sides and both B sides used on his Morning Glory release, Knight-Errant and Once I Was.

Each producer — Paul A. Rothchild, Jac Holzman, Jerry Yester, and Jerry Goldstein — brought the right feel to Buckley’s progressing musical persona. With material running chronologically from his self-titled debut from 1966 through 1974’s Look at the Fool, the Wings compilation traces his development as an artist and writer. Of special note is the unissued 1967 single “Once Upon a Time” b/w “Lady, Give Me Your Key” with the latter making its first appearance anywhere!

The booklet features photos and ephemera, as well as an extensive, new interview with Buckley’s longtime friend and collaborator, lyricist Larry Beckett, conducted specifically for this collection. Mastered by Grammy-winner Michael Graves, the audio sparkles as never before.

According to Buckley’s widow, Judy, quoted in the liner notes, “(Tim) always felt lucky that he could make a living doing something he loved to do.”

The track list:
  • Wings
  • Grief in My Soul
  • Aren’t You the Girl
  • Strange Street Affair Under Blue
  • Once Upon a Time

  • Lady, Give Me Your Key
  • Morning Glory
  • Knight-Errant

  • Once I Was

  • Pleasant Street
  • Carnival Song

  • Happy Time

  • So Lonely

  • Move With Me
  • Nighthawkin’
  • Quicksand

  • Stone in Love

  • Dolphins

  • Honey Man

  • Wanda Lu

  • Who Could Deny You

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