Former Pearl Jam Drummer Calls Foul On Rock Hall; List of All Group Members Up For Induction

by VVN Music

It is starting to become a yearly ritual for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's decision on what members of a group are worthy of induction to become controversial.

There have been conflicts over KISS and Deep Purple and it looks like Pearl Jam will be in the spotlight this year.

David Abbruzzese played with the band for only three years, from 1991 to 1994, but during that time, the band recorded what were arguably their two most important albums, Vs. (1993) and Vitalogy (1994). Still, when the Hall released the names of the band members that would be inducted if selected, Abbruzzese's name was missing.

Pearl Jam are an odds-on favorite to be selected for induction and, if it happens, Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Dave Krusen, Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder will go in. Four of those, Vedder, McCready, Gossard and Ament were in the band when it formed in 1990. Krusen was the original drummer from 1990 to 1991 and Cameron has been on drums from 1998 until today.

That leaves two members out of the hall, Matt Chamberlain, who played drums for a short time in 1991 and Abbruzzese who was with them from 1991 to 1994.

David posted two separate messages on Facebook regarding the situation:
If there is still a part of that band that remembers how hard we worked, how much blood and how much sweat... They will do the right thing.

The members of Pearl jam have got to know what's the right thing to do. They can't justify ignoring my contributions. Like me or not.
For the record, here are the rest of the bands nominated this year along with a list of the members that the Hall recognizes and those that were not named to the ballot:

Bad Brains
  • On Ballot
    • Dr. Know
    • H.R.
    • Earl Hudson
    • Darryl Jenifer
  • Not on Ballot
    • Sid McCray
    • Mackie Jayson
    • Taj Singleton
    • Chuck Mosley
    • Israel Joseph I
    • Chuck Treece
  • On Ballot
    • Nile Rodgers
    • Bernard Edwards
    • Tony Thompson
    • Alfa Anderson
    • Luci Martin
    • Norma Jean Wright
  • Not On Ballot
    • Tom Coppola (original keyboard player)
Depeche Mode
  • On Ballot
    • Vince Clarke
    • Andy Fletcher
    • Dave Gahan
    • Martin Gore
    • Alan Wilder
  • Not On Ballot
    • None
Electric Light Orchestra
  • On Ballot
    • Bev Bevan
    • Jeff Lynne
    • Richard Tandy
    • Roy Wood
  • Not On Ballot
    • Mike de Albuquerque
    • Kelly Groucutt
    • Gregg Bissonette
    • Matt Bissonette
    • All string players
J. Geils Band
  • On Ballot
    • Stephen Jo Bladd
    • Magic Dick
    • J. Geils
    • Seth Justman
    • Danny Klein
    • Peter Wolf
  • Not on Ballot
    • Harold Stone (early keyboard player)
Jane's Addiction
  • On Ballot
    • Perry Farrell
    • Eric Avery
    • Dave Navarro
    • Stephen Perkins
  • Not On Ballot
    • Chris Chaney (current member)
    • Flea
    • Martyn LeNoble
    • Duff McKagen
    • Chris Brinkman
    • Matt Chaikin
  • On Ballot
    • Jonathan Cain
    • Aynsley Dunbar
    • Steve Perry
    • Gregg Rolie
    • Neal Schon
    • Steve Smith
    • Ross Valory
  • Not on Ballot
    • Arnel Pineda (current member)
    • George Tickner
    • Robert Fleischman
    • Mike Baird
    • Steve Augeri
    • Jeff Scott Soto
    • Deen Castronovo
  • On Ballot
    • Karl Bartos
    • Wolfgang Flür
    • Ralf Hütter
    • Florian Schneider
  • Not On Ballot
    • Fritz Hilpert (current member)
    • Henning Schmitz (current member)
    • Falk Grieffenhagen (current member)
    • Numerous past, short term members
  • On Ballot
    • Michael Davis
    • Wayne Kramer
    • Fred “Sonic” Smith
    • Dennis Thompson
    • Rob Tyner
  • Not On Ballot
    • Leo LeDuc
    • Billy Vargo
    • Bob Gaspar
    • Patrick Burrows
    • Steve "Annapurna" Moorhouse
    • Derek Hughes
    • Ray Craig
    • Ritchie Dharma
    • Handsome Dick Manitoba
  • On Ballot
    • Larry Byrom
    • Jerry Edmonton
    • John Kay
    • Goldy McJohn
    • Michael Monarch
    • Nick St. Nicholas
  • Not on Ballot (a list far too long to put here)
    • Danny Johnson (current member)
    • Michael Wilk (current member)
    • Gary Link (current member)
    • Ron Hurst (current member)
  • On Ballot
    • Jon Anderson
    • Bill Bruford
    • Steve Howe
    • Trevor Rabin
    • Chris Squire
    • Rick Wakeman
    • Alan White
    • Tony Kaye
  • Not On Ballot
    • Geoff Downes
    • Billy Sherwood
    • Jon Davison
    • Peter Banks
    • Patrick Moraz
    • Trevor Horn
    • Igor Khoroshev
    • Benoit David
    • Oliver Wakeman
  • On Ballot
    • Rod Argent
    • Paul Atkinson
    • Colin Blunstone
    • Hugh Grundy
    • Chris White
  • Not On Ballot
    • Keith Airy
    • Tom Toomey
    • Jim Rodford
    • Steve Rodford

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