Dylan, Hendrix, Run-D.M.C. and Alice in Chains Vinyl Coming From Legacy For Record Store Black Friday

by VVN Music

While not as big as the spring Record Store Day, the organization;s Black Friday event is getting more and more exclusives for those who don't want to fight the crowds at normal retailers.

The special event salutes and gives collectors incentive to visit their local independent record store and, this year, Legacy Recordings is releasing a few exclusives in vinyl for the collectors of veteran artists.
  • The Run-D.M.C. hip hop holiday classic, Christmas In Hollis c/w Peter Piper (the lead-in track on 1986's Raising Hell) on a 12" vinyl two-sided color picture disc featuring a Yuletide portrait of Run-D.M.C. on Side A and the group's iconic logo on Side B. This disc includes a previously unreleased instrumental version of Christmas In Hollis.

  • Unavailable on vinyl until now, Alice In Chains' Live Facelift captures the American grunge-rock powerhouse--Layne Staley (lead vocals), Jerry Cantrell (guitar, backing vocals), Mike Starr (bass), Sean Kinney (drums, percussion, backing vocals)--at the peak of the band's powers at a mythic show recorded live at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on December 22, 1990.
    • Side A: It Ain't Like That, Man In The Box, Real Thing
    • Side B: Love Hate Love, Sea Of Sorrow, Bleed The Freak

  • Bob Dylan's performance at the Royal Albert Hall from May 26, 1966 (two days after the artist's 25th birthday) is being released as a 2-LP album entitled The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert. For decades, Dylan's performance in Manchester was incorrectly labeled "The Royal Albert Hall Concert." Now, for the first time, the REAL Royal Albert Hall concert--originally recorded for a live album by CBS Records--is finally being released, mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Chris Shaw. (This show is also included in the monumental Columbia/Legacy Bob Dylan - 1966 Live Recordings box set.)

  • Jimi Hendrix' Morning Symphony Ideas is an official 'bootleg' which places its focus on Jimi's songwriting and his unique approach toward developing new material in the recording studio. This collection presents Jimi's funk forays with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles, three shining examples of Jimi's work in progress from late 1969. Jungle was recorded at the Record Plant on November 14, 1969. Side Two features a September 1969 session with Hendrix again joined by Miles yielding a vigorous then-new interpretation of Room Full Of Mirrors, a song Hendrix had attempted previously going as far back as August 1968 sessions at Electric Ladyland. During the same December 1969 Record Plant session which produced Message To Love and Earth Blues, Jimi put forward the funky groove which fans and bootleggers alike have come to know as "Strato Strut," included as the third cut on Morning Symphony Ideas.
Also coming from Legacy is a South Park Christmas album, Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics and, for the kids, My Little Pony's Explore Equestria Greatest Hits

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