Chad & Jeremy Bringing Their Touring Career to an End Tonight

by VVN Music

Chad & Jeremy, the British duo who brought hits like Yesterday's Gone, A Summer Song and Before and After to these shores, will retire from touring after tonight's show in Tacoma, Washington.

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde met while in college and formed a folk duo that would have their first hit in 1963 with Yesterday's Gone. Ironically, it was their only charting record in their homeland of Britain but, in the U.S., they had eleven singles make the Billboard Hot 100 peaking with A Summer Song (1964 / #7).

The duo split in 1968 and Clyde went on to an acting career in the U.K. where he is still active today on London's West End.  They came back together in the mid-80's to release an album and tour and a final time in 2003 in a run that ends tonight at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Tacoma.

When asked by the Tacoma Weekly why they were leaving the road, Clyde said "It’s the travel, basically. It’s a killer. There have been times on this tour where we’ve been up at 4 in the morning to get to a flight and still find ourselves working at 12 o’clock at night because we’re still packing up stuff and we’ve signed a lot of stuff. Then it’s gonna happen again tomorrow. We’re not spring chickens any more. So it’s that, mainly."

Clyde is also set for the next year-plus with a new West End production and, with both in their mid-70's, time for more touring may be running out. "I’m not gonna be available for the next year and a half; and who knows what state we’ll be in by then? So this probably is the last hurrah. We’re treating it as such."

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