Terry Jacks Suffers Stroke; Susan Jacks Battling Kidney Disease

by VVN Music

Terry and Susan Jacks, the married couple who were at the front of the Canadian group The Poppy Family, are both hospitalized with serious medical conditions.

The one time couple, who were married from 1967 to 1973, went on to their own successful solo careers have each had their own medical problems for some time. Terry suffered a stroke back in March and had a second earlier in September.

A friend posted the following on Terry's Facebook page:
Dear friends and fans of Terry: I am posting this message on Terry's behalf, with him talking to me as I type. After his stroke back in March, he was doing really well with the recovery. However, a few weeks ago he endured another stroke that sent him back to the hospital. He is having a really difficult time adjusting to it. He would like to reach out to everyone and know that your prayers for his healing and health would be greatly appreciated and well received as he is having a really difficult time dealing with everything right now. Please pray for Terry and send lots of Love and well wishes his way. He needs them now more than ever... and he says: Praise the Lord! Thank You and God Bless.
On Friday, Susan's son, Thad, also took to Facebook to report on his mother's situation:
Hello everyone, this is Thad (Susans son)

The reason my mom has been unavailable recently is that she is currently having the fight of her life from various complications from kidney disease. I know she would want me to post on her behalf saying she will always love all her family, friends and fans very much forever.

Susan(Mom) is still with us and her life signs are improving. She is gradually coming off life support. She is in great care and is surrounded by close friends and family.

But she needs all the prayers, thoughts and love that we can possibly give her way. If there was ever a time to put on a Susan song and say a few prayers this would be a good time.

Sunday afternoon, he posted an update on her condition:
Hi everyone, Thad here.

Susan is slowly improving and is in much better shape now. She has been to the edge and back and has some amazing stories to tell. Thanks for all the love and support. It worked :)

Susan was actually the first of the two to perform. She was appearing on the Canadian show Music Hop in the mid-60's when Terry appeared as a guest. Susan would later ask Terry to accompany her on tour and, with the addition of Craig McCaw, they formed The Poppy Family.

The group charted in Canada in 1968 with Beyond the Clouds but it was Which Way You Going, Billy? that truly launched their career. The record went to number 1 in Canada, 2 in the U.S. and 9 in the U.K. making them international stars.

They would score four more hits, That's Where I Went Wrong (1970 / #9 Canada / #29 U.S.), Where Evil Grows (1971 / #6 Canada / #45 U.S.), No Good to Cry (1971 / #8 Canada / #84 U.S.) and Good Friends (1972 / #10 Canada) before The Poppy Family name was dropped and each of the singers started recording under their own names.

Terry Jacks had two three Canadian hits (I'm Gonna Capture You (1970 / #16), Concrete Sea (1972 / #16), I'm Gonna Love You, Too (1973 / #7) before, like his group before, having a huge international hit with Seasons in the Sun which went to number 1 in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. His only other big hit came in 1975 when Christina went to number 9 in Canada.

Susan Jacks had two top ten Canadian hits of her own, You Don't Know What Love Is (1973 / #3 Canada) and I Thought of You Again (1973 / #7 Canada) although she continued to release music into the 80's before moving to Nashville and concentrating on composing.

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