More Details Revealed on Michael Hutchence Anniversary Plans

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

More has come to light about the plans to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Michael Hutchence in 2017.

Michael’s producer Danny Saber has spoken exclusively with congratulating X Studio founder Ron Creevey for his respect with the project and revealing even more about the music and planned documentary on Michael.

Saber has confirmed that the Ron Creevey produced documentary is the only official Michael Hutchence documentary approved by the Michael Hutchence estate. “His family are on board and involved in the process,” Saber tells “It’s all about being inclusive and that’s the message that I want to get across. Ron Creevey has come in and brought everyone together and that’s ultimately the goal to bring all the people that really cared about Michael together to set his legacy in stone”.

Danny Saber worked directly with Michael in his final years as co-producer, co-writer and bass player on those final recordings. The first batch was released as the self-titled ‘Michael Hutchence’ album in 1999. “There’s a batch of around 15 songs that I am working through it will come down to quality control to see how many end up on the album,” Saber explained.

“The documentary is an incredible story. It’s really focused on Michael and who he was as a person. It’s like a roadmap for all the good and bad things that can happen and everything in between when you are in the position of being a star of that magnitude,” he adds.

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Ron Creevey’s HeliPad Records will release the unreleased Michael Hutchence music and film in 2017.

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