Jimmy Webb Orchestral Piece to Premier in October

by VVN Music

Songwriter Jimmy Webb has written some of the biggest hits of the last five decades (By the Time I Get to Phoenix, MacArthur Park, Up Up and Away, Wichata Lineman) will see the world premier of a new classically based piece, Nocturne For Piano and Orchestra (Nocturne For "Lefty") on October 24 at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Bowling Green, KY.

Webb teamed with pianist Jeffrey Biegel and Orchestra Kentucky (Jeff Reid, Music Director) for the project. Orchestrations were by Webb and Jeff Tyzik and the piece is dedicated to his wife and partner Laura Savini.

After the premier of the new piece on October 24, Webb will take the stage with Orchestra Kentucky to perform some of his best known music. Orchestra Kentucky will also present Webb with their Lifetime Achievement Award at a special ceremony the next evening.

Webb said of the new composition "This music originated in discussions I had with my wife about famous nocturnes such as Moonlight Sonata and others. The piece depicts different aspects of nightfall; the mathematical exactitude of life in the city, the splendor of night skies and full moons partially obscured by cloud, the gentle rise and fall of human conversation in social gatherings and the dizzying whirl of waltzing on a seaside esplanade. It is essentially an opportunity for the listener to contemplate their own experiences during the hours of darkness. It includes a personal tribute to the music of Miles Davis, and the smoky dives and small clubs where I performed in my early years: the kingdom of the lonely and disillusioned. "Lefty" is my wife, Laura Savini, of PBS fame, a raving beauty who is also a Southpaw. The notes have been inspired by her joy and devotion to art."

Tyzik said "It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Jimmy Webb on his new multi-faceted composition Nocturne for Piano and Orchestra (Nocturne for "Lefty"). I have been a great admirer of Jimmy's huge body of work since the 1960s and I was honored to be a part of orchestrating his beautiful music for symphony orchestra. Jimmy writes from the heart and continues to be an inspiration for all songwriters."

Pianist Jeffrey Biegel added "The sonic landscape of Jimmy's piece is instantly ear-catching and beautifully laid out for the piano. One reason I approached Jimmy is because he is a songwriter and his sense of melody and harmony suit the genre for piano and orchestra. He treats the piano in a unique style which immediately grabbed my attention the moment I received the piano part."

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