Watch: Melissa Etheridge Delivers a Blistering Cover of "Hold On, I'm Comin'" With Just a Twelve-String Guitar

by VVN Music

There were many who were a little shocked when it was announced last week that Melissa Etheridge's new album, Memphis Rock & Soul, would be a cover album of songs from the Stax catalog.

Those that questioned the new release were given the track Hold On, I'm Comin' which alleviated a lot of the angst.  Melissa really could transition to a 60's soul sound.

On Friday, Etheridge kicked the challenge up a notch asking fans of soul to accept the song played solo on a twelve-string guitar and, by God, she pulled it off. This is a blistering version of the Sam and Dave classic courtesy of the Audience Network.

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Mickstah54 said...

I admire the old gal's attempts to find something that appeals to listeners, but this is just boring. Sorry Melissa.

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