Watch: The Late Ronnie James Dio Joins Dio Disciples at Last Week's Wacken Festival

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Ronnie James Dio performed at Germany’s Wacken Festival last weekend. Eyelusion, the entertainment company behind the Dio hologram, has made the official video of the performance available to Noise11 for you.

Dio was reunited with his former band members Dio Disciples through the Eyelusion technology for the set at the Wacken Festival. The performance was 12 months in the making with Eyelusion working under guidance from Ronnie’s widow Wendy Dio.

“When I first experienced the full production of Ronnie performing with his band as a hologram, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears,” said Wendy Dio, who manages Dio Disciples and is also a member of the Eyellusion team, supporting industry relations. “With Eyellusion, we have been able to get Ronnie back up on stage where he belongs, ensuring that his music and memory live on. I want Ronnie’s fans around the world to share this experience.”

For once the hologram technology worked after various feeble attempts at the technology in music over the past decade.

Wendy says others will now be able to use what Eyelusion has made. “The economics of making music are changing, with tours being more important than ever,” she said. “For artists who have been blessed with legions of fans around the world, the question is how to continue meeting the demand for your music. At the same time, newer acts are thinking about how to build a following and reach more people. Today, all artists need to find new, modern ways to connect with fans and Eyellusion is supporting those efforts.”

Dio Disciples August 6 set list from Wacken, Germany:
  • Kill The King (from Rainbow's Long Live Rock and Roll, 1978)
  • Holy Diver (from Holy Diver, 1983)
  • I (from Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer, 1984)
  • The Last In Line (from The Last In Line, 1984)
  • Egypt (The Chains Are On) (from The Last In Line, 1984)
  • Rainbow In The Dark (from Holy Diver, 1983)
  • Stargazer (from Rainbow's Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, 1975)
  • We Rock (from The Last In Line, 1984)

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