Set List: Go-Go's Final Tour @ The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

by VVN Music

The Go-Go's are in the midst of their "Going Going Gone, The Final Tour" playing last Thursday night at the Fillmore in Philadelphia.

The Go-Go's were formed in 1978 with Belinda Carlisle, Jane Weidlin and two other musicians which, by the summer of 1979, had been replaced by Charlotte Caffey and Gina Schock. Those four remain with the group while the fifth member of the classic lineup, Kathy Valentine, left in 2012 and has been replaced by Abby Travis.

The band had numerous hits during the first half of the 80's but they broke up in 1985 and went on to solo careers and projects. They reunited for short stints in 1990, 1994, 1997 and, finally, permanently in 1999. They first announced a farewell tour in 2010 but it was cancelled when Wiedlin was injured. Then, in February, it was announced that their August tour would officially be their last.

The focus was very much on their debut album Beauty and the Beat with the show including seven of the eleven songs on the original disc. Their followup, Vacation, was only represented by the title cut and their cover of the Capitol's Cool Jerk.

Talk Show's Head Over Heels was the final song of the set and the only representative from that album, with the band skipping the other minor hit from the set, Turn to You. A section in the middle of the set main was dedicated to songs only released on the compilation Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's while their last album, 2001's God Bless the Go-Go's, had two songs included.

Throw in one Belinda Carlisle solo hit, on Sparks song on which Jane Weidlin performed and a cover of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball and you have the typical set for the Go-Go's final tour.

Main Set
  • Vacation (from Vacation, 1982)
  • How Much More (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • Tonite (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • This Town (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • Mad About You (from Belinda Carlisle's Belinda, 1986)
  • Insincere (from God Bless the Go-Go's, 2001)
  • Screaming (from Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's, 1994)
  • Fun With Ropes (from Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's, 1994)
  • Good Girl (from Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's, 1994)
  • Fading Fast (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • Cool Places (recorded by Jane Weidlin with Sparks on their album In Outer Space, 1983)
  • Cool Jerk (from Vacation, 1982)
  • Skidmarks on My Heart (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • La La Land (from God Bless the Go-Go's, 2001)
  • Our Lips Are Sealed (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • We Got the Beat (from Beauty and the Beat, 1981)
  • Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover)
  • Head Over Heels (from Talk Show, 1984)
The Go-Go's final show is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

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