Set List: Glenn Hughes Opens Solo Tour @ Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, MD

by VVN Music

Glenn Hughes has been part of a number of different bands and projects over his 48 years as a recording artist and, with his new solo tour, he brings music from four of those bands along with his own solo work to his fans.

Hughes started with the little known group Finders Keepers in 1968 and followed with three album stints with both Trapeze and Deep Purple. He recorded his first solo album in 1977 before joining with Pat Thrall in Hughes/Thrall and stints with Gary Moore, Phenomena, Tony Iommi, Voodoo Hill, Joe Lynn Turner (Hughes/Turner Project), Black Country Communion and California Breed.

The thirteen song set list from the opening night of his latest solo tour cuts across much of that history. Three songs each from Trapeze and Deep Purple covered his 70's output while two from the single Hughes/Thrall album were the only songs from the 80's. Hughes then jumped straight into the 2000's for three solo tunes and two from his debut Black Country Communion album.

The set list:

Main Set
  • Way Back to the Bone (from Trapeze's You Are the Music...We're Just the Band, 1972)
  • Muscle and Blood (from Hughes/Thrall's Hughes/Thrall, 1982)
  • Orion (from Soul Mover, 2005)
  • Touch My Life (from Trapeze's Medusa, 1970)
  • First Step of Love (from Hughes/Thrall's Hughes/Thrall, 1982)
  • Stormbringer (from Deep Purple's Stormbringer, 1974)
  • Medusa (from Trapeze's Medusa, 1970)
  • Can't Stop the Flood (from Building the Machine, 2001)
  • One Last Soul (from Black Country Communion's Black Country Communion, 2010)
  • You Keep on Moving (from Deep Purple's Come Taste the Band, 1975)
  • Soul Mover (from Soul Mover, 2005)
  • Black Country (from Black Country Communion's Black Country Communion, 2010)
  • Burn (from Deep Purple's Burn, 1974)

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