New Green Day Single to Be Out on August 11

by VVN Music

The long wait for new music from Green Day is almost over.

Billie Joe Armstrong has posted on Instagram that a new single, Bang Bang, will be released on Thursday, August 11.

The band have been talking about a new album for a couple of months but there have been no details of a release date.

Green Day's last studio albums were the trio ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! released between September and December of 2012. While 3-1/2 years is a long period between albums it has not been an unusual interval for Green Day as it was 3-1/4 years between 21st Century Breakdown and ¡Uno! and, previously, almost five years between American Idiot and Breakdown.

Bang Bang will be the band's first single since 2013's X-Kid from ¡Tré!.

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