New Box Set to Collect the Albums of The Archies

by VVN Music

Over the last few years, there have been a number of large box sets that collect the recorded output of some of music's most iconic artists.

Add to that list The Archies. Yes, the pseudo bubblegum group that had the biggest hit of 1969 with Sugar Sugar has had their five albums collected by none other than Cleopatra Records into a new five CD set.

Now, before writing this off as a novelty stunt, take a look at the powerhouse talent that played on these records. The male vocals for the group were provided by Ron Dante, who started his career as a member of the Detergents (Leader of the Laundromat) and was not only the voice of the Archies but also The Cuff Links (Tracy). From 1973 to 1981, Dante produced fall of Barry Manilow's albums at the height of his career.

The female vocals for their first two albums were by Toni Wine who wrote such hits as Tonight You're Going to Fall in Love With Me by the Shirelles, A Groovy Kind of Love for the Mindbenders, Black Pearl by the Checkmates, Ltd. and both Candida and What Are You Doing Sunday? for Dawn.

Among the background singers were Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Andy Kim and Bobby Bloom.

As for the songs, they were written by the likes of Berry, Kim, Bloom and Mark Barkan (She's a Fool, Pretty Flamingo).

None of the albums were huge sellers. 1968's The Archies went to 88 and 1969's Everything's Archie to 66 while Jingle Jangle, Sunshine and their Greatest Hits album peaked between 100 and 200.

For the new box, each of the five albums comes in an individual sleeve replicating the original artwork along with a book with extensive liner notes.

The track list:

Disc 1
  • Archie’s Theme (Everything’s Archie)
  • Boys And Girls
  • Time For Love
  • You Make Me Wanna Dance
  • La Dee Doo Down Down
  • Truck Driver
  • Catchin' Up On Fun
  • I'm In Love
  • Seventeen Ain't Young
  • Ride, Ride, Ride
  • Hide And Seek
  • Bang-Shang-A-Lang
Disc 2
  • Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y. D.O.O.)
  • Melody Hill
  • Rock & Roll Music
  • Kissin'
  • Don't Touch My Guitar
  • Circle Of Blue
  • Sugar, Sugar
  • You Little Angel, You
  • Bicycles, Roller Skates & You
  • Hot Dog
  • Inside Out - Upside Down
  • Love Light
Disc 3
  • Jingle Jangle
  • Everything's Alright
  • She's Putting Me Thru Changes
  • Justine
  • Whoopee Tie AI A
  • Nursery Rhyme
  • Get On The Line
  • You Know I Love You
  • Senorita Rita
  • Look Before You Leap
  • Sugar And Spice
  • Archie's Party
Disc 4
  • Sunshine
  • Who's Gonna Love Me
  • Mr. Factory
  • Love And Rock 'N' Roll Music
  • Over And Over
  • Waldo P. Emerson Jones
  • A Summer Prayer For Peace
  • Dance
  • Comes The Sun
  • Suddenly Susan
  • One Big Family
  • It's The Summertime
Disc 5
  • This Is Love
  • Don't Need No Bad Girl
  • Should Anybody Ask
  • Easy Guy
  • Maybe I'm Wrong
  • What Goes On
  • Carousel Man
  • Hold On To Lovin'
  • This Is The Night
  • Little Green Jacket
  • Together We Two
  • Throw A Little Love My Way

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wayne said...

Horrible, horrible sound..sourced from vinyl, brickwalled to the moon and back and early fadeouts. Very disappointed with this. Ron Dante (who I believe owns the masters) needs to see these through to a legit release. This is the most disgusted I have ever been as a music collector.

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