Johnny Cash Selected as This Year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Music Master

by VVN Music

For all those that say half the artists in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame don't belong there because they aren't "rock", just take a look at this year's Music Master.

Johnny Cash has all the attributes of a great rocker. He's original, a rebel and an artist revered and copied by many others. He just isn't rock and roll, and that's OK because, no matter how much people argue about who should and shouldn't be in the Hall, it really honors the leaders of popular music from the fifties until today.

Cash was inducted into the Rock Hall in 1992, one of the few artists mainly identified in the country genre to have been given the honor. His style influenced people from Bob Dylan to Trent Reznor and his legacy will be examined for a week this October in the 21st annual Music Masters Series.

John Carter Cash said of his father's honor "We are so grateful that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is honoring Johnny Cash for the 2016 Annual Music Masters series. Our father remains one of the most enduring names in entertainment history, and this recognition helps further his legacy and inspire both existing fans as well as a whole new generation of Johnny Cash fans."

Rock Hall VP Jason Hanley added "The 21st Annual Music Masters concert will explore his many musical journeys and include performers who represent the broad range of his influence. What’s so amazing about Cash is that almost every musician you ask will tell you that they love his music – from the rockabilly and country of his Sun Records recordings in the 1950s, and his outlaw image and his famous concerts at Folsom Prison and San Quentin, to his enduring love for June Carter Cash and their music work together (including the great Ring of Fire), or his later American Recordings music that frequently saw him putting his own unique musical fingerprints on some of rocks newest sounds (like Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus or Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt). Fans will also be able to pay tribute to Cash and the longstanding popularity and impact of his work that lives on in our lives throughout the week long celebration. Music Masters is about bringing everything we do at the Rock Hall together to look at the life, music, and legacy of an artist."

Specific programs are yet to be announced but it is known that the even begins on Monday, October 17 with a keynote address at cosponsor Case Western University and will feature panels, interviews and educational programs. All will wrap up on Saturday, October 22 with a tribute concert at Playhouse Square's State Theatre in Cleveland.

Previous Music Masters honorees:
  • 1996 - Woody Guthrie
  • 1997 - Jimmie Rodgers
  • 1998 - Robert Johnson
  • 1999 - Louis Jordan
  • 2000 - Muddy Waters
  • 2001 - Bessie Smith
  • 2002 - Hank Williams
  • 2003 - Buddy Holly
  • 2004 - Lead Belly
  • 2005 - Sam Cooke
  • 2006 - Roy Orbison
  • 2007 - Jerry Lee Lewis
  • 2008 - Les Paul
  • 2009 - Janis Joplin
  • 2010 - Fats Domino & Dave Bartholomew
  • 2011 - Aretha Franklin
  • 2012 - Chuck Berry
  • 2013 - Rolling Stones
  • 2014 - Everly Brothers
  • 2015 - Smokey Robinson
  • 2016 - Johnny Cash

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