Hanson's Zac Hanson Father For the Fourth Time

by VVN Music

It's hard to believe that it has been nineteen years since Hanson "MMMBop"ed it's way into the hearts of music listeners.

At the time, the three brothers were 16, 14 and 11 and had already be recording demos for two years before landing their first record contract. MMMBop topped the Hot 100 for three weeks in the United States and reached number 1 in 26 other countries. It was also the apex of the brother's career.

Overall, Hanson has released nine albums, including their 2013 set Anthem.

The brothers have also been very busy creating the next generation of musicians. On Saturday, drummer Zac and his wife Kate welcomed their fourth child to the world, Mary Lucille Diana Hanson. The couple previously had Junia, George and John.

Zac's oldest brother, Isaac, and his wife Nicole have three children while middle brother Taylor has five with his wife Natalie. That brings the new grand total to eleven children between the three brothers.

Sounds more like a budding chorus.

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