Dee Snider is a Grandfather For the Fourth Time; Baby Born in Car on Way to Hospital

by VVN Music

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is a grandfather for the fourth time, but he wasn't at the hospital when the baby was born.  Neither were the mother and father.

Parker Pryde Snider was born to Dee's son, Jesse, and his wife, Patty while driving to the hospital on the 405 in Los Angeles and, if the video that the dad posted on Twitter is understood, mom delivered while dad drove.

Snider put a running commentary on Twitter keeping fans informed about the birth as he received news.

Snider has been married to his wife, Suzette, since 1981 and has four children, Jesse (born 1982), Shane (1988), Cody (1989) and Cheyenne (1996).

The baby's father, Jesse, is the lead singer of the band Baptized by Fire, was the host of MTV2 Rock in the early 2000's and is the narrator of the Food Channel's Food Paradise.

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